Friday, May 17, 2013

Watch out- big changes ahead!

Just when we thought we were getting into a bit of a routine in the Fort, we've turned everything upside down again!  So our big news now is that I am now on the substitute list.  It's taken a while to get everything through and there were big hurdles again this week as the entire system moved to a computerized way of doing things, but I've been in the schools about 7 times so far.  While Brian's construction work can be consistent at times and certainly through the summers, it can get very sporadic in winter and I can get us a lot more money in a school for 6 hours, so we have undergone major change.

Now I get ready every morning and don't have a clue where I'll be until about 8:30am.  Then, I'll either be with Emora or in one of our schools.  In the day when I go in to a school, Brian is still home to take care of our littlest.  Brian's hopes were also to get into more music, and he has gotten a couple of gigs lately, but even to practice has been a challenge since I am getting called in a fair amount.

Meanwhile, change is going on all around us.  Dominique has her first loose tooth.  Ivan did a face plant into the cement on the way to school one morning and along with scrapes to his face and lip, he may have helped cut his two teeth through, because after being toothless for 10 months (top 2 front teeth), they are FINALLY cutting through the gums and barely visible.

The ice on the lake is melting (more pics to follow).  We are enjoying some aspects of Fort Qu'Appelle like SPRING and soccer and artists in the valley.

This one keeps trying to grow up so fast.  She wants her training wheels off so she can learn to ride without them.

She likes to ride with her seat as a booster, which is practically legal for her.

She is loving being an artist rock star with her daddy making music.  We were given a keyboard!!! So now when daddy practices, she plays the keyboard, mostly the gunshot effect.

I've already seen a bit of everyone in the schools, from student services, grades 1, 2, 6, 7, individual assessments, group work, the full class, grades 8,9,10,11,12.  ELA, Art and Native Studies.  The kids are just like mine:  good for the most part and totally defiant at times.  My kids have taught me well though...and I'm still always learning.  I'll be in kindergarten and grade 10 next week.  Dominique is training me on the kindergarten part and I've seen the grade 10s a few times.  It's my cousin's class which gives me a huge advantage, 'cause she just tells me upfront what all she wants me to do with them.

Some days it's a juggle, but it seems to be the path open for us for now, so we've charged on through.

Who was your favorite teacher and what did he/she do that was so special?


Nana said...

3rd grade teacher Mrs. Grey. She was a hugger, I guess that is not allowed much these days. The other favorite was Mr. Wright, we thought he was Superman. He looked so much like the man that played that part in the TV program.

Kimberley said...

Congrats Ange! That's great news. It is a huge adjustment to go back to work but thankfully the two of you seem to be managing just fine. And if not, no worries, summer break is on the horizon!

Ian said...

My favorite teacher was my Grade 3 and 4 teacher. (Their weren't enough students in the school so each teacher had to do two grades.) By the way her name was Signe MacLeod...oh, that was my mom!

Angela said...

so dad, apart from her being your mom, in what ways did she make learning extra special?

Favorite teacher Kim?