Sunday, August 03, 2008

Singing the ABCs

This weekend has flown by without us knowing where it went! Could have something to do with very busy Thurs. and Fri. which meant I still didn't have the house cleaned by Sat. and who can find time for that!! It's also unbearably hot, I know I've said that before, but it will balance things out when I read all the Canadian blogs complaining about the cold of winter during the winter months. So go ahead Canadian friends and family and be thankful it is nice weather where you are. I know it's a little hard to imagine it being too hot- I had trouble with this concept having grown up in Saskatchewan. Let me help you out. Picture your hot oven and you in it, or ever got a burnt feeling on your head when using a hair drier?, think of a giant, unmoving hair drier blasting your entire body- it's called outdoors in July in West Texas. There are trees, but lots of them are mesquite trees, which are small and have feather-like leaves that do not make adequate shade. There are pools- two outdoor pools in Abilene, both packed with people. The grass is brown, the flowers pathetic and the electric bills high as we whine away in our air conditioned homes. But at least I have a home, it is air conditioned and my electric bill is not as high as the house payment- others are not so fortunate. For these I will always be thankful.

The kids don't seem to mind the heat. Ivan keeps asking to go to the park. We are going to a pool party Wed. night, so that will be refreshing too.


Nana said...

Ivan please sing the rest of the song. Nana and Papa love to hear you sing.

GMS said...

Yes, Angela, I can remember the heat and thinking it can't be that bad and then just running from air conditioned place to place.
We have been running air up here but that's because it's been in the 80's.
I sang that alphabet song right along with the videos.