Sunday, August 31, 2008

baby's paintings

I was painting some today and Ivan wanted to paint something for the baby. He suggested I paint the baby a house clock. I guess he means a coocoo bird clock or something. It was so sweet that Ivan wanted to make something for the baby. He is so incredibly considerate- often looking for ways to help in the house or be generous with others. Of course there are other less charming moments, but he really does amaze me with his strengths. He's incredible at memorizing. I read 3 books the other night and Dominique insisted on another one, so I told them to read it to me. It was a fairly long library book that I've read to them about 4 times and Ivan could quote parts or all of every page! I was stunned.

Tonight, he also gobbled up his fiber filled meal. It didn't hurt that it was in the form of a burger and "chips" with bean dip. He loved it. We'll probably have to make it a regular. But I don't think he liked it quite as much as this other fiber in disguise meal. Dominique would eat beans all day, but the boys will only eat them refried, so I invented "make your own pizza" meal. It was a toasted tortilla, with refried beans, sliced lunch meat, salad fixings and cheese melted on top. Each person assembled his/her own pizzas. Ivan shared his with this doll and begged me to have "make your own pizza" meal everyday.

Dominique is not feeling near as well today as she was when this video was taken. She sure had a blast with her nanna here. Today she is sick, running 102+ temps and miserable. I hate it when this happens, which is only about the 3rd time with Dominique, so I'm thankful for that. I'm writing now at nearly midnight so that I can give her a dose of 6 hour Ibuprofen at midnight when the acetaminophen will have worn off. What I hate the most is having to bathe them in cool water to get the temps. under 103. I've already done that twice for Dominique today. I hope she bucks this quickly. Thankfully I won't have the boys tomorrow, but I will have them the next 3 days after that- so pray for our strength and health over here.

Notice how quickly a gentle little game turns into a fierce battle! And we are about to add another to the mix? Yikes. No nannas were injured in the making of this video (I hope).

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GMS said...

Lots of laughter and fun!

The grass looks very green and soft, even.