Monday, August 11, 2008

wedding success

We attended our first of two weddings this month, which is a real treat, because we seem to attend a lot of funerals and few weddings. The kids were pretty ok during the ceremony considering they are 2 and 3 years old. It was short and quick, so that was a good thing. The reception was great. They had real food, as opposed to just cake and nuts like some receptions here. We got a table next to a back door that lead to the bathroom- perfect. Met some nice people. No one had a potty accident, although Ivan complained half the night that his stomach hurt. Our test if we should cut out early was when Brian asked Ivan if he wanted to leave and miss cake (to which his answer was a resounding NO!). So we stayed. I looked for some tea to give him, but gave him some decaf coffee of mine in a pinch, prayed over his tummy and after a little bit, he said it was better. Once the dance started the kids became unglued. We all danced and danced and they didn't want to leave. We went home late (for them) and Dominique repeated in the car about 50 times "thanks for going there". We also stopped by the house that Brian is working on with a house flipper to see the "before". Ivan wanted to go back- he loved seeing where his daddy has been working.

Next weekend is a wedding for some African friends, so that will be fascinating and lively too. It's so great to be able to take the kids to some celebrations and tell them about it all. Ivan wants Brian and I to get married again since he missed the wedding ;) I think he just wants cake, food and a dancing party.

Here are the foursome dancing in the kitchen. Notice who the instigator is in the second video!


GMS said...

Oh yeah, the dainty delicate little girl!
Of course!

But it does look like all are having fun.

Ian said...

Great videos.