Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Walking the trails I've walked before

I remember crawling through the beaver house and there go my kids in the new and improved beaver house in the visitor center at Beaver Creek.

My trio have their pouty faces on here since 1) I made them carry their own water bottles- OH HORROR and 2) we were leaving at this point and they didn't want another picture!

Isaac found a place to rest.

Dominique's face paint matched the water scene!

We watched ice chunks flow down the creek here.  Imogen also has a game board they gave us to spot rabbits that were planted on the trail.  We must have been really good spotters, because the lady at the center told us we counted even more rabbits than were out there!

We are thankful for each and every sunny day- because it's not always a given here just because the calendar says it's spring.

We also got to see my cousin Lin and her kids a little bit.  We did snag her daughter for a couple of sleepovers too.

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