Friday, May 09, 2014

Picture crazy!

You would think we'd been away for a month with all the pictures I took and it's taking me a week long of blog posts to get them up by the simple fact that I'm terrible at weeding out pictures- so you get tons of them!

This was on our walk.  Saskatoon is bisected by the South Saskatchewan river and all along the river is the Meewasin trail which in town has these great walkways and is part of the same trail system out at Beaver Creek.  There are so many sections and beautiful spaces all along it- with the different parts having different feels to it.  It's lovely to get out and be able to explore it together.

Of course nothing is remotely green yet, but I'm just happy to hear water and have a blue sky and no tuques or mitts on anymore!

These 2 pics are in the garden beside the museum- Brian and I also get a couple of wedding pictures taken here a few years ago that was!

My cousin Lin's daugher Jac. is the one with the jacket tied around her waist.

Lovely days and memories created over years and years, getting new layers and meaning added to them.

My mom and dad in the sun!

Here are my cousin Lin, my friend Sarah and me!  We got together for a visit-which was a bit chaotic at times, because...

... we had our kids with us!  We had originally planned to go to a park, but it was cold and rainy- so we were all in the house.  Thankfully Sarah has many levels and it didn't seem so packed at any moment.  For what's it's worth, 2 of these kids were friend's of Sarah's kids.

We bid our family and friends farewell and headed back to Fort Qu'Appelle, where Brian had done a wonderful job with my honey-do list.  I figured if he was going to hold down the fort, he may as well clean it while he was at it.  He went above and beyond- so that was awesome.  We did tons of laundry, then packed our bags for a family getaway in Yorkton where there is a wonderful wave pool.  We also enjoyed the cooks, dish washing personnel and maid service!  This hotel was a little more than we've had to pay just Brian and I, but it had 2 rooms and 3 beds! so perfect for our 5some and don't forget the pool, waterslide and hottub!  so fun to getaway!



Thanks for sharing your vacation!

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It's finally warming up!