Monday, May 05, 2014

the hunt was on!

The kids ready to attack manned with buckets to gather chocolate eggs!

They like being goofy together and borrowed some glasses to show how smart they look.

It was so nice to get to hold this gem numerous times.

I got his clock done.  His name means summer in Japanese and came about from an anime cartoon character that Andrew and Andrea wanted on his clock along with Natsu's pet cat "Happy" and the Fairy tale symbol which is his "clan" or house.  He has the super power of making fire and I thought- how perfect- he must have come to help melt away our coldest winter in the last 50 + years!  He certainly warmed my heart!

Dad had us kids update his old photo ;)

A couple of lovelies.

How do you like my selfie?  Yeah, it can be a bit chaotic at mom and dads with 15 or so eating most nights, sometimes sleeping there too.

Emora and Isaac were very serious and diligent with their egg decorating!

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