Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Got to do some of our favorites in Saskatoon

We have favorite things to do in Saskatoon with the COUSINS!  One is playing games.  Young and older like to get into it.  Thankfully Uncle John is a game afficionado and has a great collection.

The kids often play and sometimes the adults stay up late and play some more once the kids are asleep.  That is at times tricky to accomplish!

A couple of favorites:  Dixit and Ticket to Ride.

This little guy was my partner for a round of Dixit.  Jenn and I did this pose with my son, Ivan when he was a babe, so I'm glad we recreated with Isaac.  I just love my snuggles with the nieces and nephews, and Isaac gives some of the best ones, but not always on day 1!  He makes me work my way back into favor for snuggles each visit!

Ivan wants me to tell all of you that he won Ticket to Ride with grandpa.

Another favorite is face paint- Isaac wanted to have a shark this time.

One of my favorites that we don't always get to do is to go walk the trails at Beaver Creek.  We used to do this when we first moved out to the acreage.  Sometimes you can see beavers or other wildlife, the birds will often come eat from your hands (not with our group though) and there are numerous trails and activities to do there.

The kids made an impromptu little skit (we really didn't have too much time- or they would have gladly done more).

more pics to come-- stay tuned!

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