Saturday, May 03, 2014

life in the fast lane!

Emora is having to do a lot of growing up in the next little while.  She is getting ready to join her first big sport- apart from swim lessons.  She is about to be on a soccer team.  We tried to put her in last year, but she was too young.  She's also excited about going to school in the fall.  One day she wrote her name on her hand and I asked her why.  She explained that when people as her her name, she can just show them what it is!  Smart cookie- makes sense to me and it's good to be prepared.

Our family doesn't move at a very fast pace.  I can get dizzy just listening to all the activities some people are in.  Due to our ability to keep up and our financial abilities, we've limited our kids to one activity each per season.  Meanwhile, we are able to take in a lot of free programs and school activities that we are excited about as it gives our kids opportunities to expand their horizons.  All that being said, we've had a very busy couple of months.

Ivan got special permission to be in a ply by our school's middle schoolers.  So everyone else in the play is in grade 6 and 8.  They have already performed the play 4 times and are going to put it on 2 more times.  It's very good and he's been pretty excited about it.  He doesn't have any lines, but he comes out and ends singing with all the others and is a great support/crowd actor!  We've been pretty pleased with him trying it and giving it his all.  They attended a high school drama festival and are about to go to a middle school festival.  They watched 14 plays so far with the high school festival.  Ivan's favorite part has been missing school!

He was hiding his face here- embarrassed that mom was taking his picture.

Of course- his play and these festivals and getting his hair spiked (about a 20-30 min job) all coincides with Dominique's grand dance competitions in different towns and the finale recital!  So FOR US- it seems busy, but really it's nothing compared to what all some parents do!

Our school had a rock star day.  When Dominique asked who my favorite rock star is, I told her daddy and she decided to go as him!

Ivan was a generic cool dude rock star.

Emora wanted to get in the act too and face paint herself.

I dressed up too- I had a sub day and reassured Dominique not to worry if she was teased for being a guy for the fact that I'd be worse!

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