Thursday, May 08, 2014

Another favorite

Every time we are in Saskatoon, we go swimming- that is a must.  We also usually go to a museum- this time, instead of the Western Development Museum, which the kids LOVE, we went to the Mendel Art Museum.  We didn't have time to do the bigger one and this one has a lovely flower section, awesome art to check out and a kid craft/make your own art area.  We had fun there.

This is the same botanical garden where Brian and I had our wedding photos taken.  It was winter, this museum is free and the location- beautiful of course ;)  We have a photo at this gate.  Then it was filled with poinsettias- this time it was orchid themed- and smelled heavenly.

Dad and mom came along too and we packed a picnic that we later enjoyed outside before going on a short walk along the river.

It's always nice to stop and take a moment to get creative.

My mom above in the art center and dad in the plants with 2 of his grandsons!

Ivan loved hanging out with his grandpa while in Saskatoon.  Sometimes he thinks he's a bit too big for all the cousin play and wants to go "work" with gramps.

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MacLeodofSaskatoon said...

Ivan was a big help especially this summer when I was so sick.