Tuesday, April 15, 2014

First bike ride!!

How exciting- we pulled a few bikes out, aired up a tire and got out in the sun for our first ride of the season.  We went to the beach (my secret reason was to see if the water is starting to break up to see if I should try to get my kayak out.  The good news there is that while the lake is still frozen, the river is flowing- so there is a short run a few blocks from our house.

These panoramic pics are not accurate.  It shortens the middle up a lot, but gives you a bit of an idea on how my favorite place in town looks in spring.

Ivan and Emora enjoyed getting out and playing in the snow and trees.  I LOVED watching the geese, hearing their squawking and watching them bathe and take in the sun rays and LOOK a glimpse of the beach beckoning from in between the snow patches.

Guess whose tracks these are and they are not deer!

Aha, the culprits and beautiful singers who added melodic flair to our outing.  The sound of their calls and splashing was refreshing.

However, someone else's squawking was not quite so melodious.  This one had to go pee and the bathroom was not open and she adamantly refused to let me help her go in the trees- she wanted to go home!  So we finally complied-  our sneakered feet were wet and cold too since we had only planned to ride and not tramp through the snow mounds, but once out there could not resist!

I asked the kids what they thought the geese were saying out there.  Ivan interpreted their honking for us "get lost, scram, go away people!!"

I'm thinking he was pretty right on.

Poor geese- we are so happy you are back.  We love your songs and your flights, your gracing the skies over our home and livening up our lakes.  Sorry we can't leave you alone in peace- we are so enamored at your coming back to your summer home!

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Nana said...

Get that snow melted by June!!!!