Friday, April 11, 2014

First day of spring???

I saw an add about how Canadians celebrate the first day of spring.  It was hilarious with people getting out to fly kites on frozen lakes or go for a picnic on a beach filled with mounds of snow.  Victoria and Tyler planned a spring celebration for the family.  Tyler got on his snowsuit and grilled burgers outside in minus 25 or so.  The kids jumped on the trampoline.  After a couple of hops, they pulled their liners out of their boots and put them on their feet.  They raced up the hill and back inside as frozen little children.

We warmed up to a crackling fire, some fiddle music and cousin play!

Emora had chosen her wardrobe to flaunt her new hairdo.  It was cute that each of the girls had dressed in dresses/skirts.  It may be a winter-like spring, but fashion prevails!

We celebrated Lily's 1st birthday with our friends at the Outreach center.

I did go check to see if the lake is melting and while there is a lot of ice out there, the river has broken up- so I'm thinking it's kayak time!  We took out our bikes last week for some riding and soccer season is around the corner.  LOVE this season of transitioning to warmer temps. and new beginnings.

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