Sunday, April 13, 2014

Highly entertained

Dominique has learned a new trick she is quite proud of!

Ivan and I got to go on a mother/son dinner theater date.  He got special permission to be in a play at his school for grade 6&7s, so we thought we'd better encourage his dramatic bent by letting him see a play by the highschool.

He liked the play, but liked the chocolate malts the best.  The play was set in a dinner, so the foyer was decorate in theme and all the servers and staff on hand dressed up to play the part.  It was pretty spectacular.  After dinner and the play, there was desert and coffee/tea in the library with student art on display and for sale.

I had a fun sub day that week where I got to help paint this on the front doors ;)  Gotta love it when paid a ton of money to have fun painting!

A day after my mother/son date, I got to go on a mom/daughter date to Dominique's first dance competition this year.  She and her modern group, dressed in gold, earned gold for their fabulous performance.  It was also awesome since Victoria and Tyler managed to find me in the dark auditorium and sit with our group and because she had bought Dominique a rose and because the crowd all applauded when Dominique and Natasha were lifted onto the shoulders of a couple of bigger dancers and slowly spun to the music.  That is Dominique's favorite part!  Next weekend we're off for another competition in Moose Jaw and then they will perform in the Fort for the final recital.

Emora has been missing me with all the sub days I've been getting lately, but she's also in the works of her next puppet production.  She and Dominique are painting sets and I dreamed up a puppet stage to replace our beaten up cardboard one.  We got Brian into building more and I of course had to add some creative embellishments.  Emora choose the "rug" pattern for the "stage" and the decor on the front is taken from the design of the doors on Elsa's room from Frozen which Emora is totally enthralled with right now.

Emora was checking out the impromptu puppet performance and giving her approval.

While Emora writes her sweet plays about puppy friends finding each other, Ivan creates his own macabre scenes with lego.  He entitled the top one "awww- poor grandma"  and I'm not sure who one in the next scene, but I bet it wasn't the lego girl.

Ivan and his friend Koh are also writing a series about their karate Sensei and his advice giving which is really fabulous.  We'll see if we can get it together into something they can present to him at the end of the season.

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