Monday, November 18, 2013

on to the next holiday!

Here are some last pictures to share from halloween time.  The candy is no longer a drama issue, since there are a measly 10ish not favorites left.  We seemed to get rid of it faster this year.  I let them go crazy for a bit, then we shared and I also baked some with halloween chocolate.  They still have lots of chips.  They are fun treats at times, but at halloween with so much, I find it a bit overwhelming. 

Emora had a play date and the girls wanted matching painted bracelets.  So this is what we came up with.

Ivan continues to love doing projects with his dad.  Here Ivan was helping recaulk the tub.  He is also learning to shovel snow and is excited about getting older- except when it comes to boring things like his allowance job or daily things like hanging up a jacket!!

This year it seemed to take forever to get the pumpkin done.  When I wasn't subbing, I would stay up half the night and run myself ragged getting it all cooked, pureed and frozen.  It was nice to be done all at once, but this year I had to go in for a sub day and knew it just wouldn't be possible, so I cooked one day, peeled, pureed and froze over the weekend.  I had some critics show up who wanted to "help".

And give visual drama to our documentation of the grand event.

LOVE, love my little turkeys!  They are now eagerly looking forward to Christmas.  Ivan asks me often if we can put up the tree today.  I told him to hold off at least until Dec.!!  But it is around the corner.  I love how they are excited- don't like stressing over gifts and wish I was better about that, but maybe this year will be better???

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