Wednesday, November 27, 2013

dancing and skating

Twice a year, our dance studio hosts a "watch" week, where parents and siblings are invited to come see what the girls do.  This year Dominique is taking "modern dance".  She is enjoying it.  They did stretches and some dance drills, then practiced their music routine for their recitals in the spring.

There are 7 or so girls in her group, but Dominique and Natasha are the youngest and smallest.  The music is kind of funky theatrical music.  Modern has some elements of ballet, jazz and lyrical- so they kind of act out the music.  It starts off with them acting bored and them coming "alive" as they watch another dancer soar.

Dominique is excited because she will be lifted up and spun around by one of the bigger girls.  A part of me will be sad to see her leave dance, but at the same time I like the idea of her being exposed to and getting a taste of several different disciplines and Brian will be VERY happy if she leaves dance.  Thankfully she has lots of interests and the other activities she is interested in are CHEAPER- oh yeah ;)

She was inspired when she saw another girl her age doing jumps on her figure skates.

Emora wants to follow along with the big kids.  She is interested in karate, dance and skating, but the Sensei recommending starting karate at age 7, so we'll find something else to start with first.  So fun to watch them learning things I've never learned, of growing in skills and of building relationships through it.  One thing that has been nice is that the kids love what they chose and are dedicated to their activities.
Emora has really enjoyed skating this year.  I've been taking her since we moved up here.

That first year she'd only last 10 min. on skates at a time.  I never thought she'd even like it.

And Ivan was the oldest when we moved here and has done so well at learning since he'd never even been on skates.  He's getting steadier and steadier and can go fairly fast, but doesn't know how to stop yet!

I'm thankful that there are still lots of activities to take in even when it's so cold out.

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Ian said...

Thanks for the update. I am using Yohann's Wifi right now and am in Kingston. O'Neil is home for Christmas but Gail will not be able to come from the US. I don't know if Yohann will be able to make it. Anyway, Jennifer and her crew made it in yesterday. I rented a van and was able to pick them up. Then Sunday evening I drove with O'Neil to Kingston so he can get some paperwork done to renew his passport so he can leave Friday to his job in St. Kitts.