Friday, November 08, 2013

Halloween Baggett style

There is nothing like last minute planning.  So I was thinking that I was just going to take the kids around our blocks to trick-or-treat.  But the day of halloween, before we leave for school, I get a call from Ivan's best friend- can he go out with them trick-or-treating?  I say sure and figure I'll go out with the girls in our neighborhood.  But then Dominique is crying "why does he get to go with friends and not me?"  So I do a quick call and ask her best friend if she'd like to go with us.  Her dad says that she is going out with some other kids and moms and we are welcome to join.
These were the kids... along with a few moms.  As we went around, our group actually grew as more friends appeared along the way and wanted to join.  The kids had so much fun and the big girls were so sweet to look out for Emora and wait for her, make sure she was included as her sister and a bunch of the other girls ran full tilt ahead!
I got a call while we were out that aunt Mary was needing to see some costumed kids come by her new house, so we went there and found a whole crew of cousins, aunties and uncles and friend.
We never did make it to our own street, but it was a great night.
Ivan came home with this monster bag of candy.  He wanted to weigh it and it came out to 7 lbs!  That was just his bag- ugh!

This was his costume.  I had told him to get it ready and set it out the night before.  So when the friends are waiting on him after school do you think he knew where it was?  OH NO!  and the DRAMA!  It was terrible.  I hope he learned his lesson, but I kinda doubt it.

We got 2 pumpkins from my aunt's garden and bought a 3rd.  I always let the kids draw on their own pumpkin design, then cut it out.  I was going to let Ivan cut his out, but it was giving me such heart palpitations, I took over before he'd gotten very far.

This first one was Dominique's design.

Ivan was more traditional.

And Emora always does things with her own flair.  We are at the start of a 4 day weekend!!!  I LOVE days off- we are having friend playtimes and Ivan a sleepover and movies and skating... and hopefully some room tidying.


Ian said...

Thanks for the update. BTW your profile still says that you are in Abilene.

MacLeodofSaskatoon said...

I used to fill a pillow case and also made sure that I didn't miss even one house (in a town of about 200). It would take a couple of weeks to eat it all and I had to suffer from hives after. (Hives are round itchy bumps that would appear after eating too much sugar.)