Sunday, November 10, 2013

Jam night

My cousin Sheena plays guitar and does gigs from time to time.  We often have family hang out nights where she plays and everyone sings along or adds whatever musical accompaniment they can.  Her daughters have all had music lessons either violin or piano and she goes to a fiddle camp with her daughter in the summers.  She wants to take my kids or for me to come too, but it's crazy expensive, so in the meantime, she thought up an alternative. 

She has a dream to get all the kids in the family playing and at least around and loving music, so she has started Jam nights once a month- where we find all the instruments we can and everyone teaches what they know to someone else.  In red is Arwen's fiddle teacher Rowan and she has lots of songs and dances that she has been great to play and help us tag along.  The Koops have several fiddles of different sizes, Ivan brought his guitar, last month Brian also came with his stick.

The kids seem to swap out instruments each song or two, but the fiddles are hugely popular.

Moira joined in on piano with Dominique.

The little girls get to try out the littlest violin.
Ivan was on a violin in back and Arwen was on his guitar.
Rowan and Arwen's fiddles and Sheena's guitar hold together the sounds while all the other instruments make forages throughout the songs.  It's a bit crazy musically, but lots of fun.  Of course the kids peeter out often and they take a break to go PLAY while the adults get a chance to play or visit.
Pretty awesome to be able to build these memories together.  Not sure what place music will have in our kids' lives... time will tell.

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