Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Amidst all the mayhem of being pregnant, having two toddlers and keeping two others three days a week, there are so many moments of beauty. It's a time of reflection around here as we rearrange the house for the baby's arrival, think about welcoming her, baby books, painting her clock, how much our two have grown in such a short time, the way they've changed our lives and changed us... Plus we are soon going to be saying goodbye in a sense to Micah and Caleb (the boys I keep). I have one more day with them this week, two regular weeks and two mondays left with them. I am already on every two week doctor visits that will become weekly before I know it. Life is changing for us again and it is good.

I know I already said how much we love our new beds, and I'm trying not to be too attached to them or materialistic, but they are so awesome! Normally at this point in the pregnancy, sleep is an elusive dream. And while I do still feel like a rotisserie chicken on a spit fire, the way I have to keep shifting and rolling over from one side to the other all night long, our bed is just so comfortable! And what a joy to snuggle with the kids in it. On sleep in days, they get up before us and join us in our bed. This used to be pure mayhem, ending in no one being comfortable and one of us adults finally giving up with two little children following close behind to go have breakfast. This last week, they came to bed and we all fit and snuggled and slept some extra. It was quite comical when the dog and cat managed to push the door open and joined in the circus, but this time the cacophony was met with a sense of joy that our lives are so full, instead of frustration at being so inhospitably woken.

I had a similar experience later as I vacuumed the big kid's room. This otherworldly feeling came over me with the distinct knowledge that I am a very blessed person. I don't just have children, I had to get a bunk bed to fit them all and that means the Lord has given me many children. I know this is not something to be taken lightly, it is one of life's most precious gifts, right up there with a loving partner and fulfilling existence.

People often ask what one's favorite season is. In Canada, I always said summer, but I've discovered it may not be the season I love, but the temperature! Summers here are not very fun. It's like Canada's winter- long, intense, never wanting to end. But right now, it feels like summer in Canada and is soooo nice! We could wear shorts or pants. The sun shines warm, not blistering. The comfortableness of the outdoors allows us to really appreciate the little breeze, leaves cascading down like a light rain or the flocks of butterflies that flitter around us. Last week Dominique actually petted a butterfly! I told her not to touch it, but she didn't listen and to my surprise, it didn't try to escape. She was very gentle and got to touch it several times. It was one of those beautiful moments I hope I will always remember. Butterflies are special too because they remind me of Gordon- my nephew who would have been 2 this year. His birthday would have been this month and here we are surrounded by butterflies. They remind me of the magic, the delight, the beauty and unknown of the other side. While it may seem far, it pierces into our lives at unexpected times reminding us that there is so much more than what we see with our eyes, if we but engage our hearts and souls, we can see so much more. And give thanks for it.

Speaking of butterflies, here is a butterfly catching game Ivan got for his birthday. Enjoy.


Andrea said...

Dominique is smart, she just picks them up. ;) Way easier than acutally trying to cath them.

Leslie Kay said...

They look like they are having a blast with the game!