Thursday, June 05, 2008


Here are the pictures from the day I wrote about in the post "it's stinking hot here". Can you tell that the sun is brutal and cruel in it's intensity? Amazingly, my kids seem to take decent pictures no matter the temperature index. Kid's are amazing that way. They can endure a lot and also cry over the smallest little insignificant thing (ie. the color of his plate tonight, then the color of his sippy cup).

Well, there is relief in sight and I'm not talking about our 30% chance of rain for tonight. One of my cousins is flying me up for our cousins reunion, only I'll fly in and out from Stoon so that I'll also get some extra time with my family and niece- Imogen! ;) She just had one ticket, so the remainder of the family will be going to Houston (where I will fly from and to) to hang out with Nana and Papa and vacation there. It will be so good for all of us to get out of Abilene and wonderful for me to go somewhere remarkably cooler and quieter since I will not be wiping noses, changing diapers, feeding, assisting in the bathroom or managing anyone under the age of adult for a week and a half. I'm sure by the end of the time, I will be more than excited to see even a dirty little butt again, but the break will be nice.

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