Friday, June 20, 2008

A two vehicle family once again

Our huge news this week is that Brian bought a truck! He has been wanting to get into house flipping for some time now, so he borrowed some money and has gotten a few tools and worked with another house flipper to gain experience. He's been looking for a while at trucks, trying to find what he had in mind for the price he was willing to pay and found it this week. We are all pretty pumped, but none so much as Ivan.

What is the deal with little boys and trucks? Today we came home at lunch and Ivan said: "Daddy and the truck are home!!!". It was funny because the night Brian brought it home all the neighbors came to check it out. We all went for a maiden voyage in it after Brian changed the oil and needed to take the old oil to recycle. It's a standard which is fun, I've always loved driving standards.

We had some friends over tonight and we all ended up sitting in the back of the truck (Ivan begged us). Paula said that we could sleep out in it. Well that got Ivan all in a frenzy. He asked me if he could sleep out in it and I said only if Miss Paula volunteers to chapperone for the night. What was she thinking? We can't even share our bed with this little squirmer yet alone an uncomfortable, misquitoe filled night in a truck bed. Am I getting old? Loosing my sense of adventure? Ivan wasn't overly disappointed. He's just happy the thing is sitting in our driveway, where he can see it out his window and drive it in his dreams.


Angela said...

For those of you who talk truck speak, it's a Ford F150, v6, extended cab, year 2000- we are in the millenium!

For those who talk reality- it's a second vehicle so that I can take the kids without waking them and having them dressed and ready at 7:45am when nothing is open in the city. It can hold all of us should our other car be in the shop so that we no longer have to borrow from someone if ours breaks. It can haul Brian's lawn equip. or materials so that we no longer have to borrow a truck to get projects done!!! Yeehaw!

Ian said...

Nice looking truck. I wish I could be there to help with the reno projects; it sounds like fun.

GMS said...

Sounds like Ian should retire soon and move South with his lovely already retired wife.
I would imagine they would adapt to the Texas lifestyle easily.

Kimberley said...

Nice truck guys! I miss having a truck. They are so handy!

Andrea said...

What is it with you guys and trucks? *lol* Well, I understand that Brian needs it for his work. On the other's not really a car for families with 3 kids.

Btw, when my parents where down in Oklahoma to visit me we rented a car. The car was a middle class car but they hadn't had it at the "store". So they gave us a truck just like that one. Quite fun for my father, in my opinion way too much gasmilage.