Friday, June 13, 2008

A bit different

We had a changed up schedule this week. I had a break Monday and Tuesday, then Wednesday I had both boys, except one had a DR. appointment midway through the day and Caleb was picked up early as he and his mom went out of town. Yesterday and today I just kept Micah. It was nice just having 3 because it is so much easier to get anywhere. We went to the park Thurs. and today I had the car in the morning so we went to the zoo. It's so fun to discover the world together with kids. They are in awe over everything and delight in the smallest of things. Micah threw sand over and over at the park, he never bored of it. We got to feed the giraffes, but my favorite monkeys weren't on exhibit today. The kids roared at the lions, who were not impressed with their efforts. We heard a bird sound like a crying baby- literally calling out "wah wah wah". Ivan my tenderhearted son kept asking why it was crying and telling it that it was ok. Funny enough but one of the most exciting part is feeding the fish in the lake. There is a walkway that lets you stand over the lake to feed the ducks, fish and turtles. There are hundreds and they get so congested trying to get the food, that they are flopping all over each other. Several times a duck was sitting on top of a platform of squirming fish. It's gross and fascinating all at the same time.

As for the pregnancy, a couple of times I have felt normal and wondered if I was over the nausea, but then by the next meal time, or once I moved or drove the car, it came back again. I think it's getting better though- I do occasionally get these moments of feeling ok again and today I even tried a 1/4 cup of coffee! It didn't upset my stomach and tasted oh so good. Which is funny to type since I don't even think I could stomach water right now. I have figured out some tricks. The mornings are a little better if I have a snack in the evening & I have to have my water ice cold. Normally I do not care about the temp. of water and drink it lukewarm, but now it makes me want to hurl. But with lots of ice it tastes much better. Weird huh?

Today was Isaiah's surgery for his cochlear implant, so I am anxious to know how they are doing.


Ian said...

I see that you are getting good use of the kids chairs. Isn't your Uncle Archie great!

Kimberley said...

Just keep telling yourself that nausea is a good sign that the pregnancy is healthy. I don't know if it will help, but just keep telling yourself that!