Wednesday, June 18, 2008

last week at the zoo and some pics to laugh at

Last week, when I just had one extra, I took the trio to the zoo. It was so fun and here are the pics to prove it!

Dominique is our little bundle of laughs. She loves to do anything silly to get a rise out of her delighted audiences. Which is amazing, because Ivan is very shy in front of a crowd.

It's so fascinating to see more and more how different they are.

I took the foursome to the YMCA to swim yesterday. You should have seen the lifeguard! He was very sweet, but you could tell he was watching them closely- which is good. The smallest didn't have any kind of float, so I had to hold him the entire time and the other three got more adventurous since this was our second time to go. They no longer swim near me. Caleb spent the hour jumping from the side onto noodles, toys, floats and whatever he figured he could pull off the shelves. Dominique got brave too and spent the hour leaping off the top stairs- arms and head first- into the water covering the bottom stairs. Ivan was pretty much cautious- no jumping in, but enjoyed swimming, chasing down toys and fighting with Caleb over whatever toy/float/ noodle either of them both wanted at the same time.


Ian said...

Funny kids.

Lin said...

Dominique is so beautiful! She looks just adorable in each photo. Ivan looks awesome also!