Thursday, January 30, 2014

Winter play

The weather has been a bit of a beast this year.  I mean it's usually cold here in Jan., but it's been crazy cold here for months now and that's been awful for trying to get out and have fun, but some of us have still found time and inspiration to play-- during a small reprieve in the temps here and there.  With the snow ramp up into the play fort, Saba has been able to get up there and check out the living quarters.  I don't think she ever made it down on the sled though.

Ivan's pretty proud of what he and his dad built.  This is the tunnel at the end of the ramp off the play structure.

Ivan demonstrates.

This was the day Ivan and Dominique got to go skiing with the school.  I was subbing that day, but Brian got to go out and get a few pics.  Ivan got to ride the lift this year and go down some real runs!!  Brian didn't get much in the way of pics or video of him because he was off skiing and hard to find!
Dominique stayed on the easy slopes by the main area and LOVED skiing.  She got a plastic snow board for Christmas and has been using it on our homemade hill at home.  She can stay up on it.  We need to take them to the bike park and some of the other hills-- on a warmer day-- whenever we get one of those!

Emora walking up the snow shute.

She lost her hat going under the arch.  The arch used to be higher, but it melted some, so it needs to be dug out some more.  The kids have to time their zipping under it and duck to not get clobbered.

snuggle time

and goofy time

and supper time... Emora making supper in the bath? and Daddy whipping a little something up in the kitchen.  So our deal is that if I have a sub day, he cooks, so he's been learning to make more and more of our meals.  Here he was making bannock, he's also learned to make muffins (one of our lunch staples) and took us back to Texas the other night with some wonderfully spiced fried fish.  Crazy how a taste can bring back so many memories.


Nana said...

Enjoyed the pictures. Yes our winter has been weird also. Last Friday through Wed. down right cold, I'm talking freezing. ice AND snow!!!! Today 72! Tomorrow's low is 61, maybe not so good, my group drops to running 9 miles. Hate running when it's warm. We are 29 days from our half marathon! Yea!!!


I so enjoy your blog, Angela.