Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Some time before Nana and Papa were coming, we got our first hit of really cold weather.  When I mean really cold, I mean like -30 and -40C which is about the same minus amount in Fareinheit- so cold kids can't go out at recess, so cold cards refuse to start- even when plugged in, a water jug in the van freezes solid while I run in to get groceries, you feel your nose hairs freeze and frost forms on your eyelashes and hair from breathing.
I assured my Texan in-laws that it NEVER stays that cold for very long and that it would be warmer when they arrived- like -10 or -20- you know, more reasonable.  Well, it didn't.  They arrived in about -30 and it pretty much didn't let up the entire time.  Nana still got out and ran a few days (she's training for a half marathon) and Papa took our dog out for so many walks that she stopped looking like a sausage roll and more like a dog again.  We took the kids (and dog) out for a long walk on one of the "warmer" days.

They got cold and a bit whiny- but I gobbled up the view.  When you are indoors so much, it is so refreshing to get out, even if your extremities become wooden with cold.

This is one of my favorite walks, no matter the season.

Had to get a pic of the cat tails peaked with snow.

Here we were waiting for Ivan.  He was launching a walking protest by stopping and saying he wouldn't go anymore.  He was quite jealous that Emora got to be in the sled so much.  She has her arms in her jacket with my extra scarf wrapped around them- since she was cold.

Our toothless wonder could still crack out a smile.  See the ice shaping up in her hair?

I did promise them hot chocolate when we got home.
We made Brian come out of the house and take a picture with our actual camera.  The other pics are off my phone.

As Brian says-- to live in Saskatchewan is always an adventure!


GMS said...

Grampa Ray is actually wearing 2 pair of socks in the house as we are in an arctic cold front right now.

Nana said...

Do we look cold? Well YES! But keeping up the pace you can actually get warm!