Saturday, January 04, 2014

Ivan and his friend Kohnomu

Two peas in a pod- these guys have so much fun together!

They like to be crazy together, talk non-stop and live in the world of their elaborate imaginations.

So wonderful to have friends.  Especially for his boy.

The girls have each other and that is awesome for Ivan too, but some days he just needs to be with someone his age and gender who thinks like him in so many ways.

They are good for each other.  Ivan helps Koh find joys in the farm adventures they have.

Kohnomu has no fear and helps Ivan to take more risks.  Ivan is way more cautious and helps Koh to think things through a bit before being totally crazy (maybe).

Their family, their large family- let him experience love in a way that we can't offer him, because he is ours no matter what, but with them, he is also chosen and that is a special gift that only friends can offer.

Through Ivan's connection with the Sinclair's he gets to learn about Japan and learn about farming and best of all about how to be a good friend to others.

I love watching him grow up, hate to see him struggle through some things, but that is part of the journey to, the part that helps us grow and mature, the part that helps us appreciate when we do overcome and rise to a challenge and become better because of it.
Much thanks to all of you, to all our friends and family who help us to experience life and grow in who we are.

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Olivia said...

I love these shots! I can really get a feel of the land and like the grassy ones. Hope things are going well for you all. Looks like the kiddos are really growing up.