Thursday, February 06, 2014


The kids have been learning a song for our fort Qu'Appelle winter festival.  In the song they say wintertime is the best -it's hard to think of winter time being the best when it's so cold outside but there are always reasons to be thankful.  I've been fighting a cold since Christmas and hasn't been all that bad most days but it seems every 4 to 5 days I'm laid up in bed again.  But today I'm thankful that I could get medicine and hopefully will be feeling better soon.  The elementary school will be doing a project on kindness throughout the week.  I got to help put it together and I'm realizing how many people surround me with kindness each day.  We have so many generous friends and family-  Who in rich our lives each day.  Ivan is making great strides at focusing on his work and was rewarded this week with a yellow belt in karate.  It was great to see him test and to see how excited he was at accomplishing something.  Tonight the kids got to learn about chopsticks  and learned how to make sushi at an afterschool program.  I am thankful that our school celebrates diversity and engages kids in innovative ways.  It's been hard in some ways as we's taking up new roles and are lives, but it's been great to see new skills arise out of us and learn how to be family and new ways.  Brian has been doing a great job learning how to take care of Emora, cook get groceries and Adjust to a different life while I'm substitute teaching at school.  I'm posting this from my phone since I'm being lazy and I'm not sure how to get the pictures on so I'll have to save that for another post. In the meantime I want to treasured the days for the gifts that they are and want to live in thankfulness no matter what difficulties seem to come our way.

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GMS said...

Happy to read your post, even without pictures. I don't know how you "do" winter up there. We have had enough here already but nothing compared to y'all.