Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

It was a big fun weekend.  The eldest local cousin had her grad Friday night. Victoria is the gorgeous redhead, not to be mistaken with the gorgeous blond and gorgeous brunettes.  This was my first time to attend a town grad.  They did little speeches for each grad (more like roasts of the grad) and announced to a packed out rexcenter that she is also getting married this summer.  Tyler is next to her in the pic here... 25 days until the wedding- which also happens to be Dominique's birthday.

She spent several of her early growing up years on a reserve up North with her family.  Her parents were given the moccasins that they now passed down to Victoria.

We had a fun family meal together with the Muirheads.  Here is Victoria with her grandparents- aunt Mary is my dad's first cousin.  It's great fun because aunt Mary likes to tell stories and she knew my grandmother who I never met, so I get to hear snippets of family memory treasures from her.

Speaking of family, my mom and dad were also able to come for the night.  They were coming to watch Ivan and Dominique play soccer which happened to be the day after the grad.

Dominique played her best game ever and scored a goal to impress her grands.  The team has done so well improving their skills.  It's really fun to watch them go.  The other team was really good too, so it was a tight game the whole way and we went away with a tie.

Next up was Ivan.  Half way through his game we got some freak, intense weather blow through.  It was a windy, crazy hard downpour that immediately drenched all the players (us wimpy parents retreated to under a covered entrance way, where we could watch our kids continue their game in slanting sheets of rain.

After about 5 or 10 minutes, the system swept on through and the sun popped back out.  It was surreal.  So lots of adventure.  Today the kids gave Brian their handmade gifts from school and we added this year's pages to his Father album.  They write a note to Brian each year of their favorite memories and we add some recent pics of them together.  It's a fun way to journey through his life as dad and watch them all grow up together.

Only a couple of weeks left of school!

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Nana said...

Nice pictures of the family. the kids are in their second week of summer vacation. the pools are open and looking forward to many days poolside. Christian"s tournament ball has began with the first game in Lafayette, La.he is such a good ball player, should get his drivers license this summer. Can't believe he is old enough to drive.