Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Play day and track and field day part 2

It was a bit chilly as the day started off.

Since Ivan had no one to run against, they let him run with the (slightly) older boys.

Sidewalk chalk was one of the morning activities for Dominique.  They split all the kids up into groups with a couple of kids from each grade- which I love.  So she had a button with the color of her group and was paired with kindergarteners up to grade 2ers and they did each station together.

Other teachers told us that Ivan did really great at high jump, but he was having troubles clearing it as we watched-- too much pressure with parents and camera rolling?

Go son go!  Fly like a bird- higher, faster, stronger!

I'm hoping I will get to catch most of his events Friday, but have a double session to do at the library this week, so it stinks that it's the same day, but at least regionals are being held in Fort Qu'Appelle this year.  We lucked out in so many ways!

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