Friday, February 21, 2014

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It's been a fun week.  We just got back from Saskatoon.  Monday was family day and the kids (and I) had the week off from school, so we had planned to go see everyone in Saskatoon and have a little get away.  Mom and dad were not there unfortunately- but we got to stay at their place and Jenn and her family came out to stay while we were there and my brother and his wife came out most nights and we also got to see a couple of my other cousins.

Before we left it was Valentine's day.  Dominique saw these cute valentine owls in her magazine and decided to make them for each of her classmates.  They said:  "w-h-o-o-o wants to be your valentine?", then when you opened the wings it said:  Dominique.

We left the next day- on Saturday and settled in at mom and dads.  I haven't looked through pictures yet or uploaded them, but I'll get them up soon.

Meanwhile our favorites:  Ivan- his special day with auntie and uncle for his birthday outing, and all the rest of us loved swimming the most.  Oh how we've missed getting to a pool!!  We also went sledding, skating and to a museum, lots of family suppers and playing games and watching olympics.

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GMS said...

Good to get away!