Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas to you!

I love the school Christmas concerts!  Some parents hint that it's a dreaded event, but I've always found it exciting and actually entertaining.  The class all do different things and there was a great play by kids and I get to see my little darlings up there shining like the stars they are.  I sat with Emora and asked her if she'd be ready to be up there next year.  Her eyes got big!  WOW- next year and no kids will be sitting with me- they'll all take their turn to do a song or dance or play.

Speaking of playing, look what talented musician got to play some pre-show Christmas music?
I missed getting a pic of Lanelle's class.  Bad aunty!  but I got Arwen- with the green shirt.  Isn't she growing up fast?

Ivan's class played bells.  Brian informed me that Ivan was the note Re.

They also did a cute poem they had memorized and did actions to. 

Dominique and her class played drums and sang and did a poem also that they had learned.

Yep, I was a proud momma. 

In other holiday news, see that crooked tooth and long hair?  Dominique had a make-over.  Now she's got a big gap in front and less hair.  She's been getting a horrific knot in her hair at the back and won't let me brush it.  She went to school for pajama day with her hair all knotted I'm sure, but then she decided enough is enough and asked me for a shoulder length hair cut.  She loves it- lost about 6 inches!

And of course, like one, like the other.  Emora then wanted a shoulder length cut too- even though we had trimmed her hair not so long ago and she is much tougher about me brushing her hair out.

These two love to play with each other.  We have been enjoying our days off from school and work and will get to have time with lots of family.  Aunty Andrea and Uncle Andrew are coming for a visit and so are Nana and Papa, plus there will be the Koops', and Muirheads SR and JR and another aunty Andrea.

AND- Brian and I are going to get to celebrate our 15th anniversary!  We are going to get to go to Moose Jaw while Nana and Papa take care of the kids for us over the weekend.

Hope you are having a glorious Christmas with loved ones!

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